Molecular Hydrogen Conference in Europe with Global International Speakers

About this Event

Annual international Molecular Hydrogen conference includes TOP global Hydrogen research leaders Prof. Shigeo Ohta and Prof. Mami Noda from Japan as well as Prof. Jan Slezák from Slovakia, Doc. Michal Botek from Czech Republic, Prof. Atiakshin Dmitri and Prof. Oleg Medvedev from Russia.

Why you should attend this special event?

Are you a Health professional, Doctor, Physiotherapist, Sports proffessional, Wellness and SPA owner, Cosmetic professional, Scientist, Researcher or Business professional interested to enter the Molecular Hydrogen market?

This unique conference will provide visitors with knowledge, know-how and information about Molecular Hydrogen research, findings and practical use.

Molecular Hydrogen for Health and Beauty

  • Speakers include global leading experts from Asia and Europe in the Molecular Hydrogen field
  • Most important Molecular Hydrogen studies carried out to date discussed
  • Sharing best practices on the use Molecular Hydrogen for a range of health and wellness benefits
  • Hydrogen and skin diseases – prof. Guy Elsacker explains why Hydrogen treatments support skin diseases including best practices and how to apply
  • Prof. Jan Slezák from the Slovakian academy of science shares his findings as to why the use of Hydrogen is beneficial in the cardiovascular field and his latest research supported by the Slovakian government
  • Dr. Jan Pokrywka shares his know-how and experience as to why he is using Hydrogen in his Hyperbaric therapy method and how to apply
  • MUDr. Zornitza Petrova Markantová will share her experience applying Hydrogen to her patients with various health disorders
  • Prof. Dmitri will be talking about “Effects of molecular hydrogen on myocardial mast cells in ischemia simulation”
  • Prof. Oleg Medvedev, MD, Ph.D. will be giving a talk at the event on the use of Molecular Hydrogen in health care in Russia and the first results of their studies on endogenous and exogenous Hydrogen

Molecular Hydrogen For Sport

  • Anti doping expert MUDr. Pavel Malovič explains how to use Hydrogen in sport and why Hydrogen is not considered as doping
  • Research expert doc. Michal Botek from the Faculty of Physical Culture, Palacky University, Olomouc will share his findings from using Hydrogen in Sport

Molecular Hydrogen for Wellness and SPA

  • There are unlimited possibilities of how Molecular Hydrogen can be used in the area of Wellness and SPA – find out more from Prof. Im Eunjin of Korea
  • With over 1 year of running Molecular Hydrogen Wellness and SPA procedures the team at Hotel Excelsior share their knowledge and experience including feedback from guests and the economics of running such special novelty treatments.

Network with other global experts and colleagues in the field of Molecular Hydrogen – exchange contacts, share knowledge.

Book signing by author Prof. Shigeo Otha – Hydrogen Molecular Biology and Medicines – book available for sale for special price of 10 Euro for visitors.

Q&A session where you can ask the leading expert’s advice and questions

Tour and live treatment demos from the trained experts at Spa Hotel Excelsior


  • FREE Signed copy of book – Hydrogen Molecular Biology and Medicine by Author Prof. Shigeo Otha
  • FREE Special booklet containing important information about Hydrogen Wellness and SPA
  • FREE entry to the Hydrogen Wellness and SPA Hotel Excelsior on the 6th of October – excursion
  • Hot drinks and refreshments

Interpreted in

  • English
  • Czech
  • Hungarian

Price €100 

Conference attendees receive 10% discount to stay at the Hotel Senec. Please use special code when booking – “Hydrogen Conference” –

prof. Shigeo Ohta
prof. Mami Noda
prof. Jan Slezák, Ph.D., DrSc., FIACS
prof. Guy Van Elsacker DrSc.
MUDr. Zornitza Petrova Markantová
doc. PhDr. Michal Botek, Ph.D.
Dr. Jan Pokrywka
MUDr. Pavel Malovič, Ph.D.
prof. Dmitri Atiakshin
prof. Oleg Medvedev, MD, Ph.D.